EES - European Ecopsychology Society

What is EES

European Ecopsychology Society ♦ Società Europea di Ecopsicologia ♦ Sociedad Europea de Ecopsicologia ♦ Société Européenne de Ecopsychologie

EES is a non-profit scientific and cultural association founded in Neuchâtel (CH) in 2005, with the following functions, aims, and missions:

– To be a meeting point for Ecopsychology in Europe and the rest of the world
– To organize courses and conferences with ecopsychological themes and their practical application in therapy, education, and human development
– To share information about ecopsychology and its practice through publications of articles on its website via its official
electronic journal, Amaranda
– To contribute or to generate projects in environmental education, grounded in ecopsychology and to be applied in schools, with the aim of assisting in a
recognition and encouraging involvement in its various developmental aspects: physical, affective, intellectual, and spiritual.


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