ees.jpgIES - International Ecopsychology Society
Ecopsychology recognizes the close relationship between our psychological well-being and the quality of the relations we cultivate with others, with nature, with our planet, and with life.
Ecopsychology recognizes that we are not separate from nature and that we can only safeguard our own future by restoring our connection with the totality of our being, with the entire planet.

After 10 years of activity, EES became IES. With Charters from 11 different countries and 4 continents... our Association is no more only European, but International.

Iinternational Ecopsychology Society ♦ Società Internazionale di Ecopsicologia ♦ Sociedad Internacional de Ecopsicologia ♦ Société International de Ecopsychologie

Welcome Earthlings! Bienvenidos! Benvenuti! Bienvenues! Willkommen!